The Knights of St John are always looking for good men to grow our organization. We look forward to hearing from you and reviewing your application.

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Knights Application in English

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Please note that we have a few standard requirements to join The Knights which are:

1. Roman Catholic man over the age of 16.

2. That you do not belong to any  secret society forbidden by the Catholic Church.

3. That you be recommended by your Pastor and a Knight of. St. John in good standing.

As a Knight of St. John , you are expected to join the rest of your brothers in seeking to attain the following goals:

1. To cultivate a strong love for the Roman Catholic Church

2. To advance the spiritual and material interests of the Church.

3. To promote a filial respect for the authority of the Church.

4. To foster fraternity among its Knights.

5. Strive to improve the moral, mental and social condition of your fellow Knights.

6. Aid, assist and support your fellow Knights, their family and dependents when in need.

7. Develop a love for Country.

8. Extend to the whole world the spirit of good will.

Please complete the attached Application (see above) , and submit to your local Commandery for review. If you have no Commandery where you reside, please send it to one of the following individuals, where approoriate:

                                     U.S. Membership Chairman

Appointment to be made by the Supreme Executive Board


                                        West Coast Organizer

Paul Amuchie

E-mail: [email protected]

                                         Canadian Organizer

Col. Peter Ozemoyah

Hamilton, Ontario L8K 1E1

Or contact any Grand President listed under Supreme Officers.